OH9O/0 in KO09CX and JP90SF 11-13th june 2004

OH9O/0 in KO09cx 9-11.6.2004
Operator Jussi OH6ZZ
Ant 2x10e,6m boom,own proto ab 6-7m high,TS790,Gs35

Sture OH0JFP,Pelle OH0GEH and Guy OH0NH (right to left)

Here is my report from KO09cx
Nordic VHF meeting was this year on weekend 11-13.6 in western part of Aland, Eckerö (JP90). In MWS list there was big demand of KO09 and because this square was so near,on the way to the meeting, I decided to make short visit. So, already on Wednesday morning, I drove to ferry and after 4 hours, Sture OH0JFP was waiting in Aland with his friends to show good qth for pedition. On ruins of old castle, above small trees, take-off was excellent to south, south-west only hundreds of km water. Big suprise after eastern and northern peditions was that the stations were so near. Pile-up was huge during first hours.

To the south, south-west only water

Antennas to 230 degree ,generator as weight

When everyone seemed to hear me so well,I was wondering why so many stations were calling me all the time,no mather what I was sending. Typical bursts were 400-700ms,5-7dB and many, screen full of them. Now I loosed lot of time when scrolling window up/down or mouse-clicking every item, trying to find right station although I used always RIT and reduced tol to 200 or even 100. During first 24 hours, got 105 qso's.

Meteor scatter and eme-stations on VHF-meeting JP90SF

I'm sorry I couldn't work more,all the stations I heard. Conditions were quite good; however on 12.6 Thursday strong wind caused problems making upper yagi turning and I used only one, lower yagi till Friday morning. I had also good luck.After closing down on Friday 11.6 afternoon, started rain with static noise. When I had antennas down in heavy rain,became thunderstorm.On open cliff al-mast and antennas up during thunder..

Mobile EME-station 4x11el cross yagis by OH1FF

73 Jussi
OH8K Team
PS Many thanks to Sture OH0JFP,Guy OH0NH and Pelle OH0GEH


Place on the map

Worked squares on the map

(c) J. Karhula, OH6HFX 2004