Results of OH8K in KP12cj 
We are pleased about the good results of our 24h expedition.
Thank you all for working us and make it an event.
The qth was on top of the hill Sotka, that is to be a nice slalom
piste during wintertime also. Take-off was ufb in all directions.
Temperatures up to 32C in "cold" Finland forces us to cool the 
rig and the operators all the time ;-)

Time       Call    TX/RX   QSO   Comments
1500-1600  ON4ANT          NIL   ON4GG NIL
1600-1610  G4HGI   R26/26  C      9B  2P 1s S5  UFB
1610-1700  G4APA           NIL
1700-1715  DF8IK   R26/26  C      7B  -P 1s S5
1800-1850  DF1BN   26/R26  C     11B  3P 1s S7
1900-2000  UT5ER           NIL   in 45 min
2000-2100  ON4LN           NIL
2000-2023  ON4AMX  R26/37  Cr   >25BmniP 1s S9
2030-2105  DL5WG   27/R27  Cr     6B  2P 1s S5
2100-2110  DF2ZC   R26/26  C     10B  -P10s S9  UFB
2110-2200  LY2MW   R27/26  NC     5B  -P 1s S5  Sidescatter
2200-2215  PA3ECU  R26/26  C      7B  -P 1s S6
2215-2235  PA2TAB  R27/27  C      5B  -P 2s S9
2300-2315  PA3CEE  R26/R27 C     15B  -P 2s S8
2315-0000  G4AEP   26/26   NC     5B  -P 1s S5

0000-0020  PE1HWO  R26/R27 C      6B  -P 1s S6
0020-0028  PA3BZO  R26/R27 C      5B  -P 1s S9
0100-0200  YU7KB           NIL    in 40 min
0200-0230  S57TW   26/R26  C      9B  2P 1s S8  ODX
0245-0345  DD0VF   R27/27  C      5B  -P 1s S7  strange condx
0350-0417  DL3HRT  R27/R27 C      4B  2P 1s S5
0500-0515  DL5ME   R28/R26 C     15B  -P 1s S8
0515-0530  DL8EBW  R27/28  Cr     6B  -P 1s S6
0530-0600  F6HVK   28/-    NCr    5B  -P 2s S9
0600-0612  PA2DWH  R27/R27 C      6B  -P 1s S7
0615-0650  DH2OAA  R27/R26 Cr     6B  -P 1s S6
0700-0800  UA4AQL          NIL
0800-0830  F8OP            NIL    in 30 min
0830-0840  PA0JMV  27/R28  Cr     6BmniP 2S S9
0840-0900  DJ1OJ   R27/27  Cr     8B  2P 1s S4
0900-1000  F6HVK   26/R27  C ?    6B  -P 1s S6  * ODX ?

* complete if our rogers received (sent 5 periods)
  your transmittion was a)too slow speed 
  b) too large space between the letters, strong signal although

Rig at OH8K was FT225RD(Mutek), MGF1302, 15ele, 3CX800A7,

Sorry to say but we had unexpected problems with the second station
at OH6AT that was planned to run random parallel. We where struggling
arround for a long period of time. 

Many thanks from all the crew!
Aulis OH6JW, Lasse OH6KTL, Hannu OH6MAZ, Jussi OH6ZZ, Winfried DH3YAK 
Supported by Ben OH6PA
Visitors: OH6HOL, OH6MIW, 1 Rabbit, ...moskitos (unreadable signal)