Equipment test x-pedition KP13SX, 3-4.may 2003

Operators: Aulis OH6JW and Johannes OH6HFX

Hunting cottage in KP13SX

OH8K activated a populated but poorly MS-QRV square KP13. The exact place was shooting range area of Houraati in Lohtaja, KP13SX.

On this x-pedition we runned mostly random FSK441 qsos 24/day. We tested some equipment and experienced very good results in using two FSK stations simultaneously on different frequencies. The clock sync was possible via ethernet LAN and exact time was taken from GPS receiver.

Aulis OH6JW listening 144.388 while other station listens 144.370

On the place we had separate 16el and 15el yagis and 5el yagi for 6m. Other 2m station had a poor long feeding cable (RG213) but we managed to work some QSOs with that also. With same radio we worked 6m, and also run two first JT6M qsos by OH8K.

Separate from our plans, we did not have a preamp at all. Maybe our ears were not so good compared to output (3cx800) but still we got quiet satisfactory results. In future we will be using preamp, that's sure.

The conditions were not so special. Right after station set up we could work 7 qsos nearly non stop, then the reflections got very rare. It was almost quiet before 03UTC when DL8GP was worked. It was the longest qso on that trip. On sunday morning we could again work until 11UTC, then reflections dropped again and we were ready to take down antennas. Our hamshack was old hunting cottage, so we had electric from the net and heating - quite easy. The place was near a main road and 20kV line. Ignition in some poorly shielded cars gave great QRN, also power line sometimes.

Got 30 QSOs in 32 hrs

We had connection to dx-cluster, and for short times we managed to get in VHF converse. The packet connection was breaking from time to time, and later we were only connected to dx cluster.

See the logbook from KP13SX...

MP3 files

DL5WG FSK burst
PE1HWO long FSK burst
PE1HWO burst with DK3WT? SSB reflection
SM0TSC 6m JT6M reflection (he had only 5W!)
Strong reflection from DF2ZC

(c) J. Karhula, OH6HFX 2003