OH8K in KP23IA, Kyyjärvi

During Leonids meteor shower at 16-18.11.2002, Aulis OH6JW and Jussi OH6ZZ activated very sought-after square in Finland. Although the square is wholly on land and populated area, the meteor scatter activity from this square seems to be low.

Well, Aulis and Jussi decided to at least give a little help with this problem, and they succeeded very well on their X-pedition. Jussi OH6ZZ writes:

Leonids 2001 OH8K-team (Aulis OH6JW,Jussi OH6ZZ)was on the road again - this time in KP23ia.Most critical point was to reach the hill-top because of winter condition and steep road.It was impossible for normal car to pull caravan to top;therefore local farmer with heavy 4-wheeler tractor took me up(Passat and caravan).This time we had also rotator, so we could stay inside warm caravan.

OH6ZZ and OH6JW in warm caravan

We had all kind of weather-10 degr minus, then water in all possible forms with wind- snow,wet snow,normal rain,icy water.However,after some disappointments on our previous pedition to KP47/KP57,we were now very satisfied with the results.

PS Thanks to Taisto OH6KAF who loaned his caravan.

FT847,3CX800A7, ant 1x15 el, 4.5 kW aggreg, 9A4GL

See the logbook

(c) J. Karhula, OH6HFX 2002