OH6HFX/p in Kannus, Poleenharju KP23AV

15-el towards 210deg

10-hour activation in KP23-square resulted 29 complete qsos. QTH was on 100m asl high hill, and the horizon could be seen between some trees. The station was built inside a car, and 230V was taken from 2,2kw generator.

OH6HFX working inside car-station

The conditions were quite good, but maybe there was no stations lacking KP23 in certain times. On .370 it was constant bursts, but on .362 long periods with no signals. I used lot CQ362 on .370, and it seems all stations don't know perfectly that system. I got their report ten times on .362 with big reflections, but got never final rogers. I was sending the R-report on .362.

Dx-cluster was not in use long time, only short lookings via GSM/GPRS.

There is still stations without KP23. Don't worry, i will be active in KP23AV also in future.

73 de Johannes, OH6HFX

Logbook KP23AV OH6HFX/P

(c) J. Karhula, OH6HFX 2004