Leonids 2003
OH8K in KP44he Sotkamo 15-19.11.2003

This time we were at home-square KP44he see Station Details at front page. 2 x 16el antennas which were last time in use in KP57 2001 pedition, were setup as well as 37el rope antenna towards 230 degree. Conditions for MS were not good (as usual) aurora and snow /frost. However, at the end, 101 qsos were found in the logbook.

KP44HE Leonids 2003 logbook

FSK 93 qso
Total 101 qso

Top 3 G4FUF JO01GN 2149
G4ZTR JO01KW 2102
DL8GP JN39LH 2099

Average 1655 km

Aulis OH6JW working. Text-tv cluster on background but only 10 letters visible

Winter conditions - antennas towards DL, PA

(c) J. Karhula, OH6HFX 2003