OH8K in KP55AS, Lämsä, Kuusamo
Leonids 2002, OH8K double x-pedition

The secret weapon of OH8K – 38 ele for 2m, length 26 m

Preparations started already in August after Perseids - where to go next. Because Leonids 2002 was according to experts going to be big one for years and on the other hand also last one, decision was made to devide into two groups: one to north KP55 and other one into KP24. Jukka OH8MSM was in KP55as 10 years ago and knew the place. So,in September Jukka and Aulis OH6JW checked the place, made arrangements with the owner and with local farmer to open the road with tractor - in November there is normally snow ab 30-50 cm in that area.

On Wednesday 13.11 drove Aulis 450 km to Jukka's qth Sotkamo and continued next day together dragging hired caravan towards Kuusamo about 290 km. After 6m station was built up, Jukka drove Tampere to SRAL - Finnish radio amateur league - annual meeting. Jussi OH6ZZ started also thursday afternoon to drive after working day to KP55 (from KP12) about 680 km. Friday morning Al mast with rotator and preamp was up, then 16 el for 2m. Ben OH6PA and Lasse OH6KTL have tested on 50 MHz ab 30 m long antenna some time ago, supported on ropes. Based on that idea, Jussi calculated and made prototype "a small one" - 38 element.

'Small one' towards 230 degree – only 2292 km to G4 / JO01gn

First 2m fsk qso's were 2135 on Friday evening without preamp.After sequencer modification, also preamp could be used next morning. Surprise was the noise level, no typical urban whistles at all.Soon was found that coming signals were very short, typical was 40 or 60 ms and only 1 or 2 dB over noise.The benefit of good preamp was evident. For hscw pings were too short and hscw-skeds were boring. 2.5 min periods and 1 hour sked-time hearing only but the noise seemed often to be wasting of time. 34 hscw qso's and 14 complete which means ab 20 hour sitting in vain. Average time to complete qso for hcsw was 44 min and for fsk 14 min. As seen on earlier northern peditions, there is often aurora and this makes 'one way' conditions. Our signal can be well heard but we can here nothing but noise. 50 MHz ssb/cw qso's run by Jukka OH8MSM – see the log.

Inside warm caravan - OH6ZZ working.

OH6ZZ has calculated both antennas with YO by K6STI, YagiAnalysis and Nec4Win95. 16 element version with folded dipole, 10 mm elements insulated trough boom. On 38one reflector and four 10 mm directors fixed trough 20x20 boom and the rest 6mm elements hanging on three ropes, kevlar inside. One rope was from parachute. Results were promising, on next pedition probably will be 45-50 element or more, depending on qth if there is space enough on right direction.

16 el yagi goes up – OH6ZZ on mast Temperature –15

Small hilltop on wooden area , snow ab 50 - 60 cm, temperature between 5 - 15 minus. Some visitors were seen every now and then - reindeers tried to find something to eat under the snow.

Spectators , second group

Look at our logbook KP55as
Look at our 50MHz logbook KP55as

(c) J. Karhula, OH6HFX 2002