OH8K team in KP18, KP28, KP16 and KP33 during Perseids 2004

The peditions of OH9O during Perseids 2004 are now back. We had to change our plans many times because of Jukka's illness and other insidents, actually I was ready to cancel the hole operation. But we started our trip one day late, Jukka had to visit a doctor THREE TIMES , two times before the trip and once in Lapland. He had fever still in KP18 and KP28. We had a generator failure and we could fix it in a service shop some 30km away. We lost our QRO amp, but still 3cx800 in reserve, hi. Very bad aurora made the operation difficult, several hours total black-outs, nada sigs or very weak sigs or one way condix. We could not ascend a hill-top in KP27 (over 500mASL ), it needs 4-wheel drive ( maybe next year ). QTH is FB, we could walk there, the slope to SW is 300m down. As you can see, it was quite an adventure there in Lapland. All kind of things can happen on a pedition.

KP18RB 8th - 10th aug 73 qsologbook
KP28AB 10th - 12nd aug 77 qso logbook
KP16WN 12nd - 13rd aug 31 qso logbook
KP33AJ 11th - 12nd aug 65 qso logbook
KP18RB and KP28AB 50MHz logbook

(c) J. Karhula, OH6HFX 2004