OH8K Special holiday pedition to Norway and Sweden 22-28. Aug 2005, using call LA/OH9TT and SM/OH9/TT
144 MHz FSK Op Jukka OH8MSM and Aulis OH6JW

SM/OH9TT JP97XA 31 qso Logbook
SM/OH9TT JP98WB 35 qso Logbook
LA/OH9/TT JP77EF 11 qso Logbook
LA/OH9/TT JP66SW 41 qso Logbook
LA/OH9/TT JP76EJ 42 qso Logbook
SM/OH9TT JP75XL 32 qso Logbook
SM/OH9TT JP94UA 52 qso Logbook
SM/OH9TT JP84RW 25 qso Logbook

Total 267 FSK and 2 SSB qso from 8 squares

Gällivare JP97XA

Kiruna JP98WB

Seines JP77EF

Mo i Rana JP76EJ

Ora JP66SW

Ora JP66SW and 6m antenna

Ora JP66SW

Vindeln JP94RW

(c) J. Karhula, OH6HFX 2005