OH8K x-pedition in Lapland 8th - 13th august 2005

Oprs Aulis OH6JW, Jukka OH8MSM, Jussi OH6ZZ, Hannu OH6MAZ


OH9O 144.363MHz, 1st per, 6m: 50.178MHz (Aulis and Jukka) no cluster / chat:

OH9O KP16UH 18 QSOs Logbook...
OH9O KP17WF 7 QSOs Logbook...
LA/OH9TT KP19MA 70 QSOs 6-8th aug Logbook...
LA/OH9TT KP29AE 50 QSOs 8-9th aug Logbook...
OH9O KP49AG 18 QSOs Logbook...
OH9O KP46DC 6 QSOs Logbook...
OH9O KP32XT 19 QSOs Logbook...
OH9O KP42BS 30 QSOs Logbook...


TOTAL 218 QSOs, 8 squares, 27 QSOs average per square

OH8K 144.397MHz and 144.353MHz (Jussi and Hannu) on cluster and chat by gprs connection:

OH8K KQ30WA 60 QSOs 6-8th aug 57 QSOs (2 eme) Logbook...
OH8K KP39OL 8.8 1300z - 11.8 1800z 68 QSOs Logbook...
LA/OH6ZZ KQ40AF 9.8 1100z - 10.8 0900z 57 QSOs (4 eme) Logbook...
OH8K KP47BA 12.8 1000z - 13.8 1100z 81 QSOs Logbook...

TOTAL 264 QSOs, 4 squares, 66 QSOs average per square


Ylitornio KP16UH

Kolari KP17WF

Kautokeino KP19MA

Vuottasjärvi KP29AE

KQ30WA GPS display

KQ40AF GPS display

KP47BA GPS display

Lake Pulmanki View from KQ30wa-four squares visible

Cottage in KP39OL

Inari KP49AG

Posio KP46DC

Norway police inspecting station in KP29AE

Vehmersalmi KP32XT

Setup in KQ30

Working EME in KQ40

View to east in KQ40

KP47BA - exactly same place where OH8K was 4 years ago. QTF 220

Corner of four squares

(c) J. Karhula, OH6HFX 2005